Leasing Property in Austin - Our Secret Strategy

You must understand that Austin is probably the hottest place to live in the entire country right now! Obviously you know that because you're here, right? We are currently at 125% occupancy for rentals in Austin. Landlords are very choosy about who they rent to. The average property rents in less than 20 days. Most lease the same week, or even the same day they are advertised. You'll need to be prepared to start your lease on the first of the upcoming month. 

"Our goal at Let's Move Austin is not just to help you find a home in the price range and neighborhood you want, but to help ensure YOUR application is the one the landlord will select in our competitive rental market."

Here is what we require from every client we work with to ensure you'll have the very best chance at leasing the property of your choice:

  • Background and credit check BEFORE you look at properties. This allows us to know exactly what the landlord will see so we can plan our strategy accordingly. The fee is $35 and we will refund half of this to you when you sign your lease after working with one of our agents. All we need is your full name and email address and you can get this done right online. We will call you to discuss the next steps within 24 hours of completing the online form.
  • Gather proof of income. You will need actual copies of pay stubs, offer letter for a new job with start dates and pay, last year's tax return if you're self employed, and a bank statement if you're relying on cash reserves. Most landlords want to see that you make at least 3 times the monthly rent. (Required of all applicants over 18)
  • A legible copy of your driver's license. (Required of all applicants over 18)
  • Complete and sign the Texas Association of Realtors Residential Lease Application HERE
  • Prepare to get certified funds-money order or cashier's check to pay the deposit (and pet deposit if needed) when we find the right place. It is usually equal to 1 month's rent.

**NOTE: No pit bulls, pit bull mixes or aggressive breeds. Sorry, no exceptions.


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