Team Testimonials

Theresa Bastian


"Theresa Bastian and the Lets Move Austin team are amazing. Theresa is extremely knowledgeable and helped me through a very difficult move and home purchase. She is attentive, prompt and handles real estate curve balls with amazing agility. Theresa helped keep me sane during a difficult process." - Becky S.


Theresa was amazing to work with especially as a first time buyer. Very patient and informative. She really made sure I was comfortable each step of the way by encouraging and explaining but never being pushy. Whenever I would get frustrated or discouraged, she helped me keep a positive attitude by ensuring me that we would find the right one for me. She kept at it... and we did! Not only did she help me make the right decisions for me, she provide a laundry list of contacts for my first home needs, and has continued to be a tremendous resource by helping to answer questions or needs that come up. She didn't stop being my advocate once the deal was signed. She's the real deal and I've been lucky to have her expertise and guidance.- Rachael P.

There is no one like Theresa, and believe me - I've searched. I tried working with various other people over the years to buy a house as well as sell a house and no one came even remotely close to the experience Theresa provides. She is truly an INDUSTRY EXPERT, and has the experience and empathy to  guide you through any of your real estate needs. Seriously, she saved my family so much head- and heart-ache, and there's no one I would recommend more highly. - Josh B.

Russ Kendrick

Russ knows Austin as well as anyone I have ever met, and genuinely loves taking care of his clients and making sure they are happy. I dare you to find a more competent, better loved, or easier-to-work-with Realtor in Austin. It's not going to happen! - Chris S.

Susan Dull

Susan has been amazing for us in all of our real estate work, and we feel extremely blessed and privileged to work with her! Susan really goes the extra mile for us. There are so many examples that's it's tough to keep count. Even this morning we called her for CMA for a rental, and she immediately delivered! She does this all the time for us. We can't express our appreciation enough, and we both wanted to let you know. - Walt A. and Ben V.