Russ Kendrick


Free Tacos with Sale or Purchase!

Few people love Austin more than me and my family. As a native Texan, I had visited Austin my entire life then moved here permanently in 1991. I fall more and more in love with this town every day. As a Realtor, I want to help you experience the same feeling.

The first step to obtaining that Austin lifestyle is acquiring the perfect home, whether this means you’re relocating within the area and listing your current home to achieve maximum value, or helping you get started with your first home purchase.

I joined the team at Let’s Move Austin because we all value how exciting and fulfilling the real estate experience is when working with the right people. We bring years of experience to the table in every area of the process and look forward to putting that expertise to work for you.

My pledge, as your Realtor, I will make your real estate experience fun and stress free. Contact me today – let’s have a conversation about one of my favorite subjects – Austin!